The Life and Times of Me, Myself, and I

The troopers have some mad jug stacking skills.

yup, that’s me!

That’s what we call 64 Gatorades in one day. Thanks home shows!

If you have never talked to the Japanese people in your drum corps, I would highly recommend doing so. Cass and point:

We pull into a housing site at 6:00 am.
Me talking to Azumi, one of our resident team Japan members: “Good morning Azumi.”
Her (in her little Japanese accent): “I want to sleep”
Me: “Well, go sleep then.
Her: “yeah. No more talk. Time to sleep.”
Me: “Good night Asumi!”
Her: “yeah! Sleep.”


Troopers in the lot today
Mid-ensemble selfie with the lovely members of Troopers color guard.