The Life and Times of Me, Myself, and I




Troopers are my bae…


Ready for College football

Someone tell me what to do about next summer because honestly I have no fucking clue. March somewhere else. March Troop again. Don’t march at all. I don’t even know

My heart is breaking right now for the students at Clemson who lost a fellow student today. I can’t even imagine what that must feel like. It was scary enough today knowing that fellow students were possibly in danger, but I don’t know what I would do if any of them were actually hurt.

There’s a purge threat on campus right now for all Greeks. I’m not Greek, but I have friends who are. Please keep the University of Alabama in your thoughts. Dorms on campus are currently locked down.

Group Assigments
  • Person: I have an idea
  • Me: So did Hitler

Well, I had my first anxiety attack in months today. So, I guess that’s not good.

The Donk ruined my entire fucking life. It has directly and indirectly caused so many fucking problems in my life that I don’t even want to fucking march again.

You know what’s stressful?

Having to pick between eating or having the gas to go to class.